Monday, August 30, 2010

Charlotte & Sean - one week to go!

Meet Charlotte and Sean - we got together earlier this summer to take some engagement photos as a surprise for their parents and to get to know one another before their big day. Well, the big day approaches! Charlotte and Sean will tie the knot this weekend in Stamford. I'm sure that this is a busy and exciting week for them and I hope that they are enjoying the anticipation of the event and not fretting the details.

Charlotte went to high school in New Canaan and worked on theatre lighting there and, because of my involvement with high school theatre, we found that we knew quite a few people in common. Small world... Now, both she and Sean are veterinarians - a far cry from a theatre technician, but really - you can't go wrong with animal lovers.

Stay tuned for photos from the main event, but for now here is a small selection of our shots at the beautiful Waveny House and Park in New Canaan...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Fear

This is what a 9-month-old does with a lobster...

Back to the grind...

Back from a week in beautiful Maine. Stayed at a house near Tenant's Harbor, on the river... such beautiful views. With an active 9-month-old in tow, I can't say that the week was relaxing, but the views from our house... they weren't too shabby...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lucy & Steve

Word of mouth is one of my best forms of advertisement - I am very lucky that many former clients recommend me to their friends. This was the case for Lucy & Steve's wedding - Lucy teaches at Greenwich High School with Ellie, who married Michael last year. I had a great time photographing Ellie and Michael's wedding at Ellie's parents' home in Greenwich and I was delighted that Lucy asked me to photograph her day as well.

Lucy and Steve got hitched in Lucy's home town of Greenwich and then partied it up at their reception in New Rochelle.

Below are a smattering of shots from the big day - congrats, Lucy & Steve!

On a side note - I was especially excited to get Lucy's initial inquiry because I had just named my new daughter - now 9 months old! - Lucy as well. I know - big deal - they have the same name - but, I'm a new mom and, well... it's the little things, people! :)

Love this shot of Lucy showing off her new ring to some of her friends from college - couldn't have planned the pink & blue if I had tried!

On to the party! It's amusing to me that this photo makes it look like a cool and breezy day - it was actually one of the hottest of the summer - over 100 degrees. To their credit, Lucy and Steve handled the heat very well!

Any place with this many sliders is all right by me...

Love this of Steve hanging out with his best man and godson - a little calm before the reception started!

No Italian wedding would be complete without a traditional Tarantella dance - Lucy & Steve executed it with flair!

Shout out to Ellie & Michael (my former clients!) at the center of this photo:

A parting shot of these two cuties cutting a rug...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010